Sunday, 16 April 2017

Meendum Kokila (1981)

As the internet is filled with nonsense reports and fake news, as the unofficial* fan site of Sridevi, we are here to refute rumours and trounce spurious reports. The number one newsbyte (that infuriates us no end) being that Sridevi's name alleged as "Shree Amma Iyenger". Sridevi has denied it in interviews and yet this "alleged fact" aka "alternate truth" lives on online!

Sridevi was born simply as "Sreedevi Aiyyappan" - she signs autographs simply as "A Sreedevi" (as family names are featured first in the South).

The second dubious false reportage that's often said and written about, is that Sridevi won Best Actress awards for Moondram Pirai / Sadma. No she didn't.

Sridevi won her first Best Actress Filmfare award in 1981 for the film Meendum Kokila. The film, released on 14 January 1981, was a box-office success where Sri acted with Kamal Haasan (for the n'th time) in a role where she portrayed herself as a Brahmin housewife trying to get back her husband who was infatuated with an actress (Deepa). She won her first major award at the age of 18 - the first of her four Filmfare Awards for Best Actress. Had there been Filmfare awards in 86 and 87, we are pretty damn sure Sridevi would have won for Nagina and Mr India too!

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  1. i thought she was shree amma yengar aiyappan. thanks for the information.